Thursday, June 2, 2016

Home made FROZEN Pizza

I had so much fun this weekend prepping home made pizzas. I have made home made pizza on many occasions. They have always turned out fabulous and left us wanting more. Making pizza takes time when you have to prep the dough. I had to be sure I had plenty of time allotted for this task so it would be ready for dinner. It usually happened on a Saturday or Sunday. As we sat and ate a frozen pizza one night (because I didn't want to make one from scratch) I thought, "Heck, my pizzas are so much better than this. I bet I can freeze my own." 

If you want the quick nitty gritty, scroll to the bottom of this post.

I started making a list of what kind we wanted to stock up on and most importantly how could I use my Wildtree products to make these. I know we have So Quick and Easy Pizza Dough which can be prepped in about 20 minutes. It also comes in whole wheat. First thing needed pizza dough. I also make my own dough in my bread mixer which takes 1.5 hours but is really very tasty too! I actually made both batches of dough so I could keep production going. 

So the pizzas we listed were veggie, taco, breakfast, Hawaiian, alfredo chicken and bacon, sausage and bacon, and bbq chicken. I completed all but the chicken pizzas.

I made a list of Wildtree products I had in the refrigerator and on hand that were opened and should be used up. Especially the sauces. That is where the BBQ came in. We sell 3 different types of BBQ sauce! I also had Tia Rosa's Enchilada Sauce which would be great as a sauce for the taco salad. Infused grapeseed oils have become a permanent item in our pantry.
The oils are AMAZING used in the dough. So much flavor! I actually used butter grapeseed oil and Smokey Bacon Grapeseed Oil in my dough this time. Usually I use the Garlic infused grapeseed oil.

Rather than go on and on I am going to post pictures and explain how I used Wildtree products to make these fabulous pizzas.
1 tbs Wildtree pizza sauce seasoning put in a 15oz can of tomato sauce, wha-la, pizza sauce!

Wildtree Taco Seasoning used to make my taco meat. I used turkey burger. Added black olives, peppers, onions, a can of rotel tomatoes, and fiesta blend cheese. I  should have used Tia Rosa's Enchilada Sauce but used the pizza sauce instead. For extra spice I could have used the fiesta blend seasoning sprinkled on top. I wanted to hold off on too much spice as my youngest isn't big on 'hot'.

Taco sauce would have been good too! The Golden BBQ sauce is going to be used on BBQ chicken pizza.

Next up was breakfast pizza. I used my own homemade peach salsa as the base. Added our farm fresh from the backyard eggs (scrambled), nitrate free bacon, and farm fresh pork sausage. I caramelized the onions in the bacon grease. I topped it off with sharp cheddar cheese. I so loved this pizza because it was all organic except for the cheese.

absolutely delicious!
Just a short little clip of my taste testers ;-)

Hawaiian Pizza consisted of the pizza sauce, pineapple, Canadian bacon, a little regular bacon, and mozzarella cheese. We actually at this one for lunch today and they were fighting over the last piece.

So, as far as prepping the pizzas go, here is the quick and simple:
Prepare the dough, form into pizzas (whatever shape works for you, mine are usually odd shaped but that's ok~),

bake the dough by itself at 450F for 3-5 minutes. 
Allow it to cool
Place toppings on pizza
Freeze unwrapped for 3 hours to set. You can use the cardboard used for cakes as a base
Once set, wrap in plastic wrap

Then wrap in aluminum foil

Label and place in freezer
To cook preheat oven to 425F, bake 12-15 or until cheese is melted.

There you have it! Frozen pizzas made fresh and healthy!
Feel free to contact me for any information you would like about the Wildtree products, freezer meal prepping, or any other questions! I am here to help you tame dinner time!

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