Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Another Journey - Wildtree

Today marks the first day of a new blog in another journey of my life, Wildtree. What is Wildtree you ask? Wildtree is an amazing company started by a mom, Leslie Montie, who wanted to make dinners for her family that were healthy for her children with dietary restrictions. She wanted meals that were nutritious, unprocessed, and easy to prep. She started experimenting with herbs and spices making meals and storing them in bags. Eventually her neighbors wanted in on this idea. She eventually started selling her blends at home parties. Wildtree is now found all across the country and made from ingredients that are non GMO, free of preservatives, additives, MSG, and dyes. 

I first attended a freezer meal prepping party back in October 2015. I was immediately hooked on the concept. I have to admit at first I cringed when they told me I needed to pay $80 up front and then still buy groceries. But, I was curious and goodness knows, I needed to save time and have some healthy meals. See, I started working a second shift job (3:30-midnight). My husband and kids were left to fend for dinner by themselves!! 

Long story short, we all fell in love with the product, the meals, and concept of meals prepped and ready in the freezer. Here is a little picture of how it works. Yes, I did save money too! Imagine not running to the grocery store a couple times a week going in for just one or two items to complete the meal you want to make tomorrow and coming out with a cart full of food you don't need spending $100 instead of the $20. With the meals prepped ahead of time you are not headed to the store all the time. I make my meals for the $80 of the products which I have LEFT OVER product to prep even more meals and usually around $100 for groceries. This preps 10 meals plus for my family of 4 and we usually have left overs. I end up prepping about 3 of these meals a week. The other days are leftovers. We also save money by not going out to eat. These meals are so good even my kids prefer to eat at home.
The other thing that hooked me onto Wildtree is that I raise our own chickens for meat and eggs. There is nothing worse than spending 8-10 weeks raising these chickens to be organic and knowing what I put in their bodies only to put some seasoning on it that is full of the stuff I was avoiding! We also buy local organic pork and are now raising turkey.

After attending 2 workshops I took the plunge in January 2016 as a Christmas present to myself, to join Wildtree as a Representative. I have loved every minute of sharing Wildtree with others at workshops or just as individual ingredients and recipes. My family loves the meals and love the spices. They enjoy prepping their own meals and trying out different things. It is truly a dream job.

With this blog I plan to post weekly tips, tricks, recipes, and other healthy ways to keep your meal times tame and putting healthy food on your table.

I look forward to you following along. Please ask any questions, share comments, recipes, ideas, etc with me. 

Please visit my website to browse the products and locate recipes.

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